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Sefton Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to the most outstanding performer in the Sefton Comptetition


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2017 Winners

Festival Highlights, Awards & Scholarships Friday, March 17, 7:00pm CJVR Performing Arts Theatre   All awards & scholarships are selected at the discretion of the adjudicator.  Awards are generally limited to one monetary award per person per discipline; excluding duets, ensembles, the Sefton Memorial Competition and overall awards.  (NOTE:  Awards may be subject to change.)

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2016 Winners

Congratulations to Benton Froc who placed 1st at Provincials 2016 in his  Musical Theatre class  CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016 Overall Winners Piano – Graydon Eskowich Violin – Shawn McAdam Vocal – Emma Mindiuk Band – MUCC Grade 11/12 band Sefton Memorial Scholarship – Emma Mindiuk

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