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2021 Award Winners

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2021 Festival Awards & Scholarships

Thank you to the 2021 adjudicators: Olivia Adams (piano), Anna Marie Bekolay (strings), and Ron de Jager (vocal).


Kinette Club of Melfort Award
$25 – Clay Christopherson

Schmiedl Award (Primary – 6 years & under)
$25 – Aquisid Matias

Scotiabank (Primary – 8 years & under)
$25 – Elianna Tsaprailis

Molly Howden Memorial Award (Primary)
$25 – Kenzy Szakacs

Molly Howden Memorial Award (Elementary)
$25 – Janine Klettberg

7 Oaks Manufacturing
$25 – Savannah Kuras

Dynasty Twin Cinema Award (Movie Soundtrack class – 14 years & under)
$40 – Helena Chester (for her performance of ‘Over the Rainbow’ by Arlen, from The Wizard of Oz)                                                                                    

Melfort Royal Canadian Legion Award (Intermediate – 16 years & under)
$50 – Rhesa Petersen

Molly Howden Memorial Award (Junior)
$50 – Amy Szakacs 

Schmiedl Award (most promising solo)
$50 – Alisa Itakura (for her performance of ‘River Flows in You’ by Yiruma)

Sarah Labossiere Memorial Award (Sacred music performance)
$50 – Elyse Johnson (for her performance of ‘Agnus Dei’ by Smith)

Dynasty Twin Cinema Award (Movie Soundtrack class – 15 years & over)
$60Naisa Marshall (for her performance of ‘Mission Impossible Theme’ by Schifrin, from Mission Impossible)

Order of the Eastern Star, Accession Chapter No 96 Award (Solo – 14 years & under)
$100 – (split) Georgia Strasser and Danielle Itakura

Van Burck Seeds Award (Solo – 12 years & under)
$100 – Evagelia Tsaprailis 

Van Burck Seeds Award (Junior duet)
$100 – Elyse & Kendra Johnson (for their performance of ‘Star Wars’ by Williams)

Affinity Credit Union Award (Senior – 18 years & under)
$100 – Heidi Klettberg 

Molly Howden Memorial Award (Intermediate)
$100 – Anna Ingram 

Molly Howden Memorial Award (Land location – Student living south of Melfort)
$100 – Georgia Strasser (from Watson)


Performance Award
$50 – (split) Bryce Lair and Acelyn Wyonzek 

Performance Award
$50 – RaeAnnon Willness

Tisdale & District Strings
$100 – Samuel Petersen

Saskatchewan Orchestral Association ($500 given by the SOA, amounts to be determined by the adjudicator)

         Beginner                    $50– Alison Summach

         Elementary               $75 – Jennifer Summach

         Junior                         $75 – Will Heavin

         Intermediate            $150 – Keely Hadwen

         Intermediate            $150– Rhesa Petersen 

Orville & Lila Storey Memorial Scholarship
$100 – Natalia Stephaniuk

Musical Theatre

Melfort Knights of Columbus
$25 + Keeper trophy – Kacie Wilson

TJ’s Pizza/Jim Mitchell Award
$50 – Jennifer Summach

Prairie North Co-op Award
$75 – Madison McAvoy

Vocal/ Speech Arts                                    

Melfort Ministerial Association Award (Sacred music class – solo or duet)
$50 – Rhesa Petersen (for her solo of There is Nothing Greater Than Grace)

Olive Middlemiss Award
$50 – Heidi Klettberg

Olive Middlemiss Award
$50 – Megan McAvoy

Bryn-Julson Award – (13 years & over) (Art song by a 20th or 21st Canadian Composer)
$75 – no qualifying winner

 Regan Grant Memorial Award (Preference given to Male Voice or Speech Arts)
$100 – (split) Levi Grabill and Isaac Friedt

Lynne Monsees Memorial Award (Senior Voice)
$100 – Megan McAvoy

Open Awards

Melfort Royal Canadian Legion Award (11 years & under)
$25 – Abigail Summach (musical theatre)

Melfort Royal Canadian Legion Award (11 years & under)
$25 – Kacie Wilson (piano)

Melfort Royal Canadian Legion Award (14 years & under)
$25 –Azlyn Szakacs (piano)

Melfort Royal Canadian Legion Award (14 years & under)
$25 – Isaac Friedt (piano)

Tower Glass Award
$30 – Selah Johnson (piano)

Melfort Catholic Women’s League Scholarship
$50 – Andrea Matias (piano)

Kinette Club of Tisdale
$50 – RaeAnnon Willness (piano) 

Melfort Fire Department
$50 –Jervy Santos (piano)

Melfort Masonic Lodge No 18 Award
$50- Alia Hadwen (musical theatre)

Melfort Ministerial Association Award (Sacred Music – Instrumental)
$50 – Rhesa Petersen (piano) (for her performance of ‘I Love to Tell the Story’)

Watson Sacred Heart Parish Catholic Women’s League Scholarship
$50 – RaeAnnon Willness (piano)

Victoria Malden Memorial Scholarship (former student of Victoria Malden)
$60 – Naisa Marshall (piano) 

Melfort Knights of Columbus Award
$100 – (split) James Carrier and Logan Wilson (piano) 

Rotary Club of Melfort Award
$100 – Heidi Klettberg (piano) 

Sefton Scholarship
$100 – Danielle Itakura (piano)

Sefton Scholarship
$100 – Heidi Klettberg (musical theatre)

Sefton Memorial Competition (any discipline)

Competitors for 2021 were Megan McAvoy (Musical Theatre), Jervy Santos (Piano), Naisa Marshall (Piano), & Heidi Klettberg (Piano).
$300 – Heidi Klettberg

Overall Festival Awards

Piano, MMFA Trophy – Danielle Itakura

Strings, MMFA Plaque – Keely Hadwen

Vocal, MMFA Plaque – Megan McAvoy




Provincial Recommends

The following performers were recommended by the adjudicators to advance to Provincial Competition. To be given a recommendation, these students must have performed in a Provincial class, played at the required grade level, and received a mark of 87 or higher.

Congratulations to:

  1. Junior performer, James Carrier for his Piano solo Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel.
  1. Junior performer, Amy Szakacs for her Piano solo Masquerade by Linda Niamath.
  1. Elementary performer, Jennifer Summach for her Violin solo Gavotte in G Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.
  1. Intermediate performer, Heidi Klettberg, for her Vocal Concert Group The Lass from the Low Countree by John Jacob Niles and The Sally Gardens arranged by Benjamin Britten. 
  1. Intermediate performer, Heidi Klettberg for her Musical Theatre solo One Hand, One Heart (sung by Maria from West Side Story) by Leonard Bernstein.
  1. Senior performer, Megan McAvoy for her Musical Theatre solo I Hate Men (sung by Katherine from Kiss Me, Kate) by Cole Porter.

The following performers were recommended by the adjudicators to advance to Provincial Competition in the Saskatchewan Excellence Classes. To be given a recommendation, these students must have performed in a Sask Excellence class, and received a mark of 88 or higher.

 Congratulations to:

  1. Natalia Stephaniuk – Strings, 12 & under 
  2. Samuel Petersen – Strings, 17 & under 
  3. Keely Hadwen – Strings, 17 & under 
  4. Heidi Klettberg – Piano, 17 & under


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