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2020 Award Winners

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Festival Awards & Scholarships

Hello, and welcome to this year’s online version of awards night. Our first week of festival was fantastic! However, this seems to have been downplayed by unfortunate circumstances that meant we could not finish our second week. Consequently, no Band Awards are included in this document.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you to the 2020 adjudicators: Dr. Katherine Dowling (piano),
Katie Gannon (strings), and Karen Frandsen (vocal).
All awards & scholarships were selected at the discretion of the
adjudicator. Awards are generally limited to one monetary award per person per discipline; excluding duets, ensembles, the Sefton Memorial Competition and overall awards. (NOTE: Awards may be subject to


Kinette Club of Melfort Award
$25 – Helena Chester

Schmiedl Award
$25 – Selah Johnson

Scotiabank (Primary – 8 years & under)
$25 – Sienna Martens

Molly Howden Memorial Award (Primary)
$25 – Rayne Ferré

Molly Howden Memorial Award (Elementary)
$25 – Alisa Itakura

7 Oaks Manufacturing
$25 – Emerson Kohle

Dynasty Twin Cinema Award (Movie Soundtrack class – 14 years & under)
$40 – Rachelle Labossiere (for her performance of ‘As Time Goes By’ from Casablanca)

Melfort Royal Canadian Legion Award (Intermediate – 16 years & under)
$50 – Naisa Marshall

Molly Howden Memorial Award (Junior)
$50 – Elyse Johnson

Schmiedl Award (most promising solo or duet)
$50 – Danielle Itakura

Order of the Eastern Star, Accession Chapter No 96 Award
(Solo – 14 years & under)
$100 – Ralph Armada

Sarah Labossiere Memorial Award (Sacred music performance)
$50 – Kendra Johnson

Van Burck Seeds Award (Solo – 12 years & under)
$50 – Mason Carrier

Van Burck Seeds Award (Junior duet of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’)
$50 – Harmony & Melody Naicker

Dynasty Twin Cinema Award (Movie Soundtrack class – 15 years & over)
(for her performance of ‘The Rainbow Connection’ from The Muppet Movie)
$60– Naisa Marshall

Affinity Credit Union Award (Senior – 18 years & under)
$100 – Angela Hoffman

Molly Howden Memorial Award (Intermediate)
$100 – Kelvin Jonasson

Molly Howden Memorial Award (Land location – Student living south of Melfort)
$100 – Heidi Klettberg (from Archerwill)


Performance Award
$50 – Janine Klettberg

Performance Award
$50 – Alison Summach

Tisdale & District Strings (Ensemble – duet)
$50 – Samuel Benjamin & Samuel Petersen

Tisdale & District Strings (Ensemble – trio)
$50 – Janine Klettberg, Abigail Summach & Jennifer Summach

Saskatchewan Orchestral Association
($500 given by the SOA, amounts to be determined by the adjudicator)

Beginner $75– Jennifer Summach

Elementary $75 – Natalia Stephaniuk

Junior $100 – Rhesa Petersen

Intermediate $150 – Angela Hoffman

Senior $100– Sianne Bassingthwaite

Orville & Lila Storey Memorial Scholarship
$100 – Olivia Stephaniuk

Musical Theatre

Melfort Knights of Columbus
$25 + Keeper trophy– Megan McAvoy

Prairie North Co-op Award
$75 – Heidi Klettberg


Melfort Music Festival Association Award (Youth Chorus)
Keeper trophy & shield – ‘Maria’ Ensemble

Bryn-Julson Award (Canadian Composer – 13 years & over)
$75 – Madison McAvoy (for Singin’ the Blues by Donna Rhodenizer)

Melfort Ministerial Association Award (Sacred music class – solo or duet)
$50 – Alexis Heavin (for her solo of ‘Olde Irish Blessing’)

Melfort United Church Senior Choir Scholarship
(Youth Chorus or Choral speech)
$50 – TMSS Choir

Olive Middlemiss Award (Speech Arts)
$50 – Grace Hoffman

Olive Middlemiss Award (Speech Arts)
$50 – Elyse Johnson

Regan Grant Memorial Award
(Preference given to Male Voice or Speech Arts)
$100 – no one eligible this year

Lynne Monsees Memorial Award (Senior Voice)
$100 – (split) Heidi Klettberg & Megan McAvoy


Tisdale Arts Council Award – a student subscription to the 2020 – 2021 Stars for Saskatchewan Concert Series
Tickets – not awarded, as it was under Band Open Awards this year

Melfort Royal Canadian Legion Award (11 years & under)
$25 –Janine Klettberg (piano)

Melfort Royal Canadian Legion Award (11 years & under)
$25 – Abigail Summach (musical theatre)

Melfort Royal Canadian Legion Award (14 years & under)
$25 –Amy Szakacs (piano)

Melfort Royal Canadian Legion Award (14 years & under)
$25 – Annika Forsyth (musical theatre)

Tower Glass Award
$30 – Sianne Bassingthwaite (musical theatre)

Melfort Catholic Women’s League Scholarship
$50 – Megan McAvoy (musical theatre)

Kinette Club of Tisdale
$50 – Kylan Hamel (musical theatre)

Melfort Fire Department
$50 –James Carrier (piano)

Melfort Masonic Lodge No 18 Award
$50- Emery Sobchyshyn (piano)

Melfort Ministerial Association Award (Sacred Music – Instrumental)
$50 – Timothy Browning (violin) (for his performance of ‘10,000 Reasons’)

Paragon Ag Service Award
$50- no longer available

Melfort Knights of Columbus Award
$100 – Ralph Armada (piano)

Naicam Thrift Store (Highest mark achieved by a competitor who attends school in Naicam)
$100 – no one eligible this year

Rotary Club of Melfort Award
$100 – Heidi Klettberg (piano)

Sefton Scholarship
$100 – Mackenzie Campbell (piano)

Sefton Scholarship
$100 – Angela Hoffman (piano)

Watson Sacred Heart Parish Catholic Women’s League Scholarship
$100 – Natalie Wilson

Sefton Memorial Competition (any discipline)
$300 – n/a

Competitors were Megan McAvoy, Angela Hoffman, Laurin Riley,
Mackenzie Campbell, Heidi Klettberg & Sianne Bassingthwaite. It is
with great disappointment that we missed out on an evening of
entertainment with these six young ladies. Due to the second week of
our Festival being cancelled, this competition never took place, therefore
the award will not be presented this year.

Overall Festival Awards

Band, Middlemiss Trophy – n/a

Piano, MMFA Trophy – Ralph Armada

Strings, MMFA Plaque – Angela Hoffman

Vocal, MMFA Plaque – Heidi Klettberg

***please note: You will be mailed a package with your certificate, cheque, and an address of the award sponsor. Please show your appreciation for the award you receive by sending the sponsor a small thank you note.

Provincial Recommends

***Even though Provincial Competitions have been cancelled, I’d like to congratulate the performers who were recommended by the adjudicators to advance. To be given a recommendation, these students must have performed in a Provincial class, played at the required grade level, and received a mark of 87 or higher.

Congratulations to:

1. Junior performer, Emery Sobchyshyn for her Piano solo
‘Prelude, Opus 28, No.4’ by Frederic Chopin.

2. Intermediate performer, Angela Hoffman for her Piano solo
‘Song Without Words’ by Felix Mendelssohn and for her Piano
solo ‘Decadent Sentimental’ Song by Miguel Manzano.

3. Junior performer, Madison McAvoy for her Vocal solo
‘Singin’ the Blues’ by Donna Rhodenizer.

4. Intermediate performer, Megan McAvoy, for her Musical
Theatre solo ‘Ice Cream’ by Norman Campbell.

5. Intermediate performer, Sianne Bassingthwaite for her
Musical Theatre solo, ‘A Change in Me’ by Alan Menken.